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How to remove FBI virus, Xp security cleaner pro, Windows 7 cleaner pro

FBI VIRUS:  In present time there are many types of  FBI viruses in the internet as FBI Online Agent Virus, FBI Ultimate Game Card, FBI Black Screen of Death Virus, FBI Audio Virus, FBI Cyber crime Division Virus, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section virus. The FBI virus causes the computer system to lock, not allowing the user to access the computer’s desktop nor access the internet. Once the computer is infected the user is directed to a fraud FBI screen.  And computer owner is unable to do anything into his computer.


SOLUTION:  First try to login into your computer with your user or administrator account. If you are unable to login computer in normal mode then restart your computer in safe mode with Networking .

(A) How to restart computer Safe mode with Networking 
(a)  If you are unable to restart the computer through start menu then restart your computer manually by pressing the restart button from your tower. At the same time keep pressing F8 button from your keyboard. Keep pressing F8 Button until you will not get this screen giving you advance boot option (use shift + F8 in case of window 8). In this screen you have to select Safe mode with Networking option by up and down arrow key from your keyboard because in this screen you are unable to use your mouse. Highlight Safe mode with Networking and hit Enter.

(b)  Now you will get your safe mode screen ( if you get any user name and password screen then you have to put user name and password in this screen.)

Now you need to follow bellow steps:-

1.    Malware bytes.

(a)     First download and Install the free or paid version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
If you are unable to download anything from the internet then you can put these software from our side through logmein screen. And If you are facing the issue to run that software then you can try to run this software to “Run as administrator”.
(b)   Open Malwarebytes and run a quick System Scan by selecting the Perform quick scan radio option followed by clicking the Scan button (pictured below).

(c)  Malwarebytes will automatically detect malware on the computer system and once the scan is complete Malwarebytes will display the malicious results. Make sure to finish the scan by selecting the malicious file and clicking the Remove Selected button. Make sure there is no windows/system32   file selected. After that select quarantine and delete all infection from here and after that click on Logs and delete all logs from here.
( After work don’t forget to removing the Malware bytes from the computer.)

( Don’t forget removing the Malware bytes after work done.)
After that check the computer if problem is same then follow below steps:
2.    Trojan Remover
(a)  You can install Trojan remover trial version from below link:
(b)  After install Trojan remover you will get first screen. Click on scan button.         

(c)  Now Trojan remover starts the scanning your computer.

(d)  If Trojan remover detect any infection then it will show you a screen and location for that file and you need to choose that what do you want to do with that file. You can select one option and click OK.

(e)  After scan completed it will show you a pop up that you need to restart your computer then you need to click on OK.

(f)   After restart the computer I think your issue has solved.
( Don’t forget removing the Trojan remover trail version from your computer after work done)

But If you are facing same issue then you can follow below steps.

3.    Superantispyware
(a)  First install a trail version of Superantispyware from below link:

(b)  After installing the superantispyware you will get the first screen, Just select quick scan and click on scan your computer button.

(c)  After that superantispyware scanning your computer and you will get this screen.

(d)  After that click on click on remove button for removing viruses and restart your computer in normal mode.( After work done don’t forget to removing the superantispyware from the computer)
I think your problem has been solved. But if you are facing the same issue again then you can try some more bellow steps:

4.      HitmanPro
(a)    First download and install a trial version of Hitman Pro (First check that your computer is 32 bit or 64 bit) then you can select a version of Hitman Pro from below link:

(b)   After install Hitman Pro you will get a first Hitman pro screen. Now you have to click on Next button.

(c)    Now you will get a screen in this screen you have to select only one time scan and click on next.

(d)   After that Hitman pro starts scanning your computer.

(e)    When scanning has been completed then you make sure that hitman pro do not detect any windows related file which can crash your computer and click on next to removing the detected files and restart your computer in normal mode.

(B)            But If you are unable to login with safe mode with Networking.

(a)    First restart your computer by the help of F8 key keep pressing F8 key until you will not get this screen bellow screen option. And select Safe mode with command prompt.

(b)   After that you will get this window in that window you have to type this command cd\  and hit Enter.

(c)    After that Once windows Explorer shows up browse to:
Win XP: C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and press Enter
Win Vista/Seven: C:\windows\system32\rstrui.exe and press Enter

(d)   Follow all steps to restore or recover your computer system to an earlier time and date (restore point), before infection, Click next on below window.

(e)    After that select recommended restore and click on next button. After that you get a other screen in this screen you will select that date on which previous date do you want to restore your computer if you want to see more restore point then you can check on “Show more restore points” option. And click on next button. And wait for 10 second when system restoring process is running do turn of and restart the computer. It will restart automatically and you will get your desktop back. After getting your desktop you can scan your computer through above steps.

I think now your Virus issue has been fixed so now you can leave a good comment J