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Friday, September 6, 2013



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Online Fix It is a small effort to help those people who are not computer savvy and got frustrate when face any problem with the computer.

The intention to writing this blog is that you guys will not face those problems and will not sped your hard earned money for fixing those simple problems which we faced when we was computer illiterate

In Online Fix It we will help you to fix most common computer issues we faced in day to day life so that you do not have to depend on anybody.

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About us:-

Online Fix It is a blog about simple computer related problems which we face in our day to day life and their solution by using some simple steps also we are providing a simple way for those reader who want to learn some advance computing but not able to do it due so bad resources or due to high fees.
Lets take a look :

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I am a technician from last 6 years and normally got lots of complaint and visit to fix the computer, but I found that most of the time the problem was not too much complicating it can be fixed by using some simple steps but due to lack of knowledge lots of user not able to do it.

In this tab we have introduce most common problems related to the computers which we face in our day to day life and their solution by using some simple steps.

In this section we will take out the some common problems related to:

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In this section we have give  a simple steps and free tools available on the Internet which we can use to remove the most latest viruses from the computer make it safe and secure.

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Normally we saw that our Anti virus stop working due to some unknown reason, so in this article we have to introduce how to fix normal Anti Virus related issues.

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Most of my customer used a 3rd party client like outlook, window live mail or sometime thunder bird and due to some reason they start facing some issue with that so here I am giving a complete article that how we can fix this kind of problem.

Printer picture

Most of the time printer problem relate to some bad configuration, driver problem or might be hardware. In the hardware problem, we cannot do anything but yes for software issue we can use some steps to fix it up, so Here I am sharing this article.

Dell picture

Recovery is best option we have to fix any problem, in the recovery or we can say reset we refresh the computer to its back original date so the computer will start working like a new one. But the thing is that there are some different steps for recovery depends on the computer brand. So here I am sharing this article I hope this articles will help you.

Also we have introducing E-Learning program for those reader who want to learn some advance computing, lets take a look what this section have:-

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Through online learning or we can say E-learning, you can easily learn some advance computing like java, php, computer hardware, networking, cyber security etc.

Here we are giving will start from the basic of a subject and will go through all of the major steps, so just go through the E-Learning tab and explore your way to online learning.

Note: In case if you have any question or query related to anything please write me at sunejaankit2007@gmail.com I will be really glad to get your suggestion and it will be my pleasure to help you out with your problem.