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Ethical Hacking

In the computer world. There is a small one word which can make any one fear about his computer that is called "Hacking".

I have spend some years of mine to Learn actually what is Hacking and how we can prevent them. Let's see what exactly it is.

Introduction to Hacking!

What is Hacking?

Simply a Hacking is non conventional way to Interacting with System!

Let Explain it:-

When a Software or Operating system is created, the designer of that software or Operating System decide how to use it, that is something called conventional way but a non conventional way is to use that software or Operating system in a way it is not design for. In other word we can say doing a work using a way which is not Normal.

Suppose I want to open a document file, so the conventional way will be to start computer, boot up the operating system and then go to file location and open it.
But instead of that if I will boot my system with Linux Live CD and then access the same file that will be non conventional way.

Types of Hackers!

Hackers are divided into three categories:-

  1. Black Hat Hacker – They are the actual hacker normally we think about it. They are the bad people (evil), they hack to do something bad.
Example: To get sensitive Information and damage something

  1. White Hat Hacker – These are the normally people who are like angel. They hack but they hack for the good reason. These also called Ethical Hacker.
Example: To create security vulnerabilities

  1. Gray Hat Hacker – The 95% hackers fall into this category. They hack for good and bad both reasons, for some people they are doing well and for some they are doing badly.
Example: To know more about computers, Explore to hidden features of computer.

Hacker classification basis of Skills!

If we talk about skills of Hackers, we normally found three different categories on it.

 Let’s take a view on it:-

Computer Science – They are the genius programmers who create new programs, tools to hack computers.

Technician Class – These are the people who have knowledge about computer but they are not programmer they use tools from the internet to complete their goal.

Robust Level – They are the people who do not have knowledge about computer but somehow they get their hand on the scripts and start using them without knowing how actually it’s working

Why people Hack?

People Hack computers for different purposes, some people Hack for good or some people Hack for bad.

Examples: - people hack for acquiring data, to recover data, impersonate, to destroy something and some people hack for fun.

Method of Attacks!

There are some different ways to attack on a computer. Let’s take a look on them.

Physical way
This is the way on which a Hacker go to the target computer and physically access it, get data and open the ports and check WPA (Wireless Access point) so it can do a attack from the outside as well.

Digital way
This include all Standard ways, Normally this way is use when a person want to do some destruction, It includes the Attack like DOS (Daniel of Service) attack, Ping of Death and finding loop holes and back door.

Social Engineering
Social engineering, in the context of information security, is understood to mean the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information (Definition from Wikipedia)

Let’s take a simple example:-
Suppose if I need some information about a person so I will call him and say that “hey I am from Telephone Company we are verifying the data of our customers so please let me know your Name, Father Name, and Address etc.

If I will do it properly I will get the information.

Types of Attacks

There are three types of attacks.

  1. Mess Attack   - In this type of attack a hacker leave viruses on Internet and wait for the peoples to get infected.
  2. Target Attack – In this attack Hacker target on a particular person or company to do Hack and get information.
  3. Semi Target – In this attack Hacker target a group of people.

This was the introduction of Hacking, Now let's proceed with the study of Ethical Hacking please navigate with the links to start.

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