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Computer Mechanic

In Present time we cannot think our life without Computers, Computers are taking care of every Industry. It makes our life easier, It does work faster, easier and more accurately. But yes as computer is a machine so like any other machine some time it face trouble as well.

We are technicians from last 6 years. We worked on different-different machines and fix them up.

During this period of time we worked on different-different Computer Problems but during the work we found that most of time the Computer problems are not related to the Hardware parts. Most of times its something related to the software which can be easily fixable by using some commands, doing some simple maintenance and using some free utilities available on the Internet.

So why pay to somebody for fixing the Computer Problems if you can fix it by yourself.

so here we are sharing common Computer Problems we face in our day to day life and their simple solution.

Simply click on the issue to learn why this happen and how you can fix it. 

Note: In case if you have any question or query related to anything please write me at sunejaankit2007@gmail.com I will be really glad to get your suggestion and it will be my pleasure to help you out with your problem.