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Disposable Email For Hacking and Security

In the modern world, there are lots of website which provides lots of free stuff online but there is one thing which is very annoying on these website, that they ask you to register by providing your email address and once you done that they start sending you spams.

also sometime we needs to register on a website more then once and for these we need more then one email address and yes its a very time consuming task lots of new emails.

Note: Do you know lots of company sale there email database to the marketing company so that they can send spam and try to sale something also they sometime they sale it to bad people who want these for phishing stuff

Well I remember the old days when a website ask me a email address for the registration and I used to provide a fake one something like abc.abc@abc.com

But nowadays people become more sharper, now they conform the email by sending some activation process and for this we have to give them a usable email address and yes once we do this they start blasting us with spams.

But we can stop this things by using Disposable email service.

Let's take a look:-

Overview of Disposable E-mail

Disposable email service provide quick and easy email which anybody can use and then forget it, its useful for both, hacking and for security.

Its very easy and very handy to use. Its just a 3 step process

Create Email  --------------------> use it ----------------------------------> forget it

How to Use:-

In present day there are lots of disposable email service provider available on the web

But as I am bit lazy person so I like www.mailinator.com because in that case I just have to use 2 steps

Use it -----------------------------------------> forget it

Its really easy to use. Just look at the steps:-

  1. Go to the website where you want to register and start registration process
  2. When it ask for the email, use any one abc, xyz, etc etc and put @mailinator.com at the end
  3. Complete the registration process and go to www.mailinator.com
  4. Log-in with the user name you decide and and Bammmm! here is the activation email, now you can activate your account by using it and then forget it. Also forget about the spam :-)

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